Sunday, June 14, 2009

So I had a crazy ass dream.....

....that I should start a blog about the odd things that happen in my life. I have another blog, Accomplished Anything? that I've devoted to my art. Art is the other part of my life, the main focus is on my children and husband. I am a proud mom to three boys: Alex, Dylan and Jack. I am excited about this blog, as I've dreamt about this. [BTW, the dream turned out good. Somehow Rob Pattinson was involved in said dream. Like I said, it was fabulous.]

Visiting my girlfriend [I can call her that now; we've swapped kid stories & bonded over chocolate chip cookie dough] this afternoon to de-stress [read: keep the kids occupied with one another]. They were in & out, jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the swings, playing with the hose, splashing in the kiddie pool. Ten minutes into pool time, "MOM! JACOB PEED IN THE POOL!!!" Both of us being mothers of 3 boys each, I immediately burst into laughter and she goes to get the soap!!! After adding a slide, we christened it the boy wash, rather than auto wash. Reminds me a bit o' Dr. Seuss: "come on down, we have the only gak boy wash in town!" Really though, how much harm can a little pee come between you and 50+ gallons of water?

FLARP made an appearance the other day, courtesy of another girlfriend. As I stated on her facebook wall, "

I must tell you: the appearance of the flarp on our stairs was enthusiastically welcomed, and the atmosphere of noise hasn't stopped since."

Highly entertaining indeed. Dylan played with said FLARP all last evening, and all this morning- "Mom, this one is you!" :giggles: "This one is dad!" :more giggles: "Aw, this one is Alex!" :squealing giggles: "This one is Sadie!" [Sadie is our dog] :hysterics: So the hubby tells me over our morning cup of coffee, "See honey? Farts are funny!" as Dylan continues, between squeals of laughter, to name off whose farts are now coming out of the FLARP container & its contents.

*Fish Story*
Well, its more of a fishing story, since it doesn't actually involve the fish themselves. Fredward and Alex went fishing this evening and they were telling me their stories from tonight's trip. Among them, were Fred's attempts at getting female passersby to "show their tatas" [he really likes to embarrass Alex like this]. No one did, of course, but its still funny. After telling me about the fish they both caught & saw , Fred, my wonderful and often entertaining husband, proceeds to tell me that he took a couple swigs of water. On the second swig, he gargles it. Alex asked him why he did so. As Alex proceeds to take a drink of juice, Fredward says he gargled because his penis was itchy. Alex nearly shoots juice through his nose, and regurgitated all of his juice back into its container.

Morals? Yea, I've got nothing. Laughter? Oh boy, I've got tons. Why don't you sit right round here, and listen to the FLARP. It really is quite funny!

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