Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I finished on time and on schedule.

For this episode, I'll refer you to Accomplished Anything?

It turned out well. You should go see. Really.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deadlines and Parenting

So I've started the baby Helmet that I've been asked to do. Because the object in question is such a critical piece [quite literally- this helmet reshapes the boy's head, so its round, not flat in multiple spots, as his parents told me], Fredward needs to and has offered to care for the kids so I could focus on my new project and not have to worry about making dinner or taking care of the boys this evening. Exception, being Jackjack, when he needs to be fed. Problem being, Jack screams when Fred is trying to care for him, either because he [Fredward] isn't me, or because Fred isn't standing up. The boy doesn't like to sit down - actually, he doesn't like it when you sit down. He wants to be up and moving and going. So I ended up taking Jack a few times throughout the evening when I just couldn't take the screaming anymore, because he wouldn't stop. No, its not colic, he is just unhappy with Fred in the evening hours. Usually because he doesn't take the greatest of naps during the day, so he is cranky as all hell by the time Fred gets home.

The other boys don't seem to notice Fred is in charge, either.

Alex came into the kitchen fully expecting me to start dinner after my guests left, and to his surprise, I took the helmet and went into the studio without another word. He looked completely puzzled as Fred explained that Mom has to work on a project that has to be done by tomorrow, and that he has to help me out tomorrow. Take care of Dylan and Jack- Mom will feed Jack, but you'll have to play with him.

:side note- this ought to be interesting:

Dylan comes up to me; "Ah, Mom?"
'What, Dylan?'
"I don't like brown beans."
'Tell someone who cares. Tell dad. I'm working at the moment.'
Dylan was present during the Authority change explanation. He also heard it earlier in the day. I have no idea if it registered or not though.

And Jackjack, of course, screamed and cried and carried on and on and on. Then I took him, attempted the calm-down ritual, fed him, and gave him back to Fred.

What? I've got work to do. This Helmet isn't going to paint itself.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

And Look who else decided to show up.

I've waited 3 years for you to flower, my dear. Welcome.

Summer is official.

We've been at the beach, playing in the sprinkler, and hiding out in the air conditioning avoiding the fierce glare of the Midwestern intense heat/humidity combo. Jackjack had his first foray into the lake this weekend, swim diaper and all. The kid smelled like sunscreen for two days. I bathed him, I swear.

But he didn't burn, thank goodness. Through my sunglasses, I could have sworn he was a little pink, but that could have just been from being in the water.

Dylan, ever the daredevil when it comes to water, continues his quest to jump off the pier to see how far he can actually go.

This little guy has taught himself how to swim. It totally blows my mind, too. He can hold is breath and swim under water, he wears his goggles, and regularly challenges himself. I am so proud.

Between sleepovers and playtime at friends houses, its actually rare to get all three boys together lately. Never thought that would happen, but I'm grateful it has. It means my kids have friends, and are determined to keep those friendships.

But here they are. And I love them. Look how much they have all changed! My goodness! They are growing and changing on a daily basis. They are getting older, more mature. That doesn't mean I'll admit to getting older. I am, but I refuse to grow up.