Saturday, October 10, 2009

for no other purpose other than just because.

I love Kate moss! and Johnny Depp! And lovingly, Carlotta has placed the two together.


Be sure to take the time to review her entire post; the photos are awesome if you are a Kate + Johnny lover. It makes me wish I was Kate, or very much like her... & Johnny... well, he's been a crush of mine for YEARS.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Poop. because I said so.

After having two little chompers on the bottom finally make their highly anticipated appearance, I've been feeding jackjack everything I think is safe enough... or whatever I can fit into the sock. The sock is a mesh feeder, and let me tell ya; that thing is awesome! It takes a little more effort to clean, but, the kid can eat anything in it! This week was the first time I'd gone beyond the banana in the sock; jack ate a soft apple, pasta, and mashed potatoes!

Because of the amount of "real food" the boy is eating, we've had another first this week.

---->Wait for it.<-----

---->Wait for it.<----

My kid can shit like a real person, y'all.

[Did you really think I wouldn't go there? Come on! now folks.]

No more of that mustard/sesame seed infused-multicolored-thicker-cream-of-wheat consistency. The more 'real' food he eats, the more he poops like a person!

Do lizards count as real food?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tame, for me.

Who doesn't love birthday parties? Little kids can be so funny.. especially now, when they are 6 & 7 years old, they are coming into their own skin. Do I promote bad behavior? Nah.. but I do strongly encourage that my kids participate in activities that they LOVE. I was challenged to a scooter race by one of Dylan's friends [he won, totally.] Many thanks to my mom for bringing the waters & to Kevin for bringing the cool fusion scooter [4 wheels & so much fun to ride on!!]

How do you like that Quality Custom Framing? Photo props.... perhaps it'll generate some business for you. Don't forget who sent them your way!!

Ride like the wind, Alex! As cold as it was, it ended up being successful... & Jackjack was out of Mother Nature's cold range, as he slept in Fred's car for nearly the entire party. He decided to get up about 10 minutes before we started packing up. Perfect. He stayed nice & toasty warm, so no sicknesses here. Though, he did take super long naps yesterday [omg, is he growing AGAIN??].

I've been on a major Lady Gaga bender lately [especially since her & Kanye West cancelled the upcoming Fame Kills tour]... & as I'm listening to Poker Face, E-man is all yea, I know this song!! Nothing says awesome better than the kids rocking out to your music!!