Friday, October 9, 2009

Poop. because I said so.

After having two little chompers on the bottom finally make their highly anticipated appearance, I've been feeding jackjack everything I think is safe enough... or whatever I can fit into the sock. The sock is a mesh feeder, and let me tell ya; that thing is awesome! It takes a little more effort to clean, but, the kid can eat anything in it! This week was the first time I'd gone beyond the banana in the sock; jack ate a soft apple, pasta, and mashed potatoes!

Because of the amount of "real food" the boy is eating, we've had another first this week.

---->Wait for it.<-----

---->Wait for it.<----

My kid can shit like a real person, y'all.

[Did you really think I wouldn't go there? Come on! now folks.]

No more of that mustard/sesame seed infused-multicolored-thicker-cream-of-wheat consistency. The more 'real' food he eats, the more he poops like a person!

Do lizards count as real food?

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