Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Craving a sense of smell

I have a stuffy nose at the moment, but that's not why I crave a sense of smell. I just want to be able to breathe. Being cooped up in the air conditioning [yea, woe is me-pfft] kind of screws with the breathing processes. At least for me it does. Its like being held hostage in the winter by the savage cold, only to have the dry warm air do the same damn thing to you.

No, this post comes tonight on the thoughts, rather the acknowledgments of my sense of smell. I know I can smell, but to have an ability to stop and smell- you know, like the saying "stop & smell the roses." Stop for a second, and register the smells around you. I smell a dry dust and not much else at the moment. But earlier today, I smelled the sickly sweet smell of antifreeze after I had shut my car off. I smelled the rain that didn't come. I smelled the familiar stench of cow dung, after being caught behind what my dad refers to as the 'shit spreader'. I smelled the different chemicals the co-op down the road holds. Smelled like fertilizers when I passed the truck with the container full of liquid on the back. I smelled my baby's poopy pants, I smelled his hair. I smelled the aloe reacting with Dylan's sunburn. I smelled the oil when I came home tonight, from cooking catfish earlier for Fred's dinner. I smelled the clean clothes, and the fresh air from the towels I folded which hung outside on the line. I smelled the chocolate in the batter before I put the muffins into the oven. I smelled them when they were close to being finished. I smelled the cold fish as I put it away for Fred's lunch tomorrow.

I tell you all this to make you aware. I'm sure you already are, but next time you smell something, whether its good, bad or beyond foul, be present in your reaction. Don't act from the subconscious, act consciously.

One thing I didn't smell today:

my wonderful flowers the boys purchased for Mother's Day. They always smell so beautiful in the morning. Sticky-sweet sort of smell. If you don't believe me, get your nose right in there & inhale deeply. You'll see.

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