Monday, April 5, 2010

Rocks, eggs, & utter nonsense.

DUDE!!! My littlest brother is ENGAGED!!!! He came home from some overseas Marine training & popped the question to his lovely girlfriend...

YES! Congratulations Leonard & welcome to the family, Liz! {I get another sister! woot!}


In Easter news... Dylan tried his hardest to find as many eggs as possible at Auntie Jessie's house. Alex got whacked in the balls [accidentally, apparently] by Uncle Dusty, Jack barely napped & Fredward and I ate until we were full. Fredward ate until he was past full, and ready to explode. We got to see Fred & Jessie's dad [Grampa Burnham] & the kidlets were very excited about that. Aunt Joyce got some great photos of the kiddos.. especially Jack & Jill[ian].

Jack & Jill! She's 6 weeks older than jackjack... hopefully these two will get along great.

Here are some that Fredward & I took....

of the boys...

and.. nobody is looking. Typical.

My sister [in-law] Jessie...

and Jackjack's first Easter egg hunt.

Taking an egg snack break.

Playtime with Robert & Alex.

Hope your Easter was just as great!

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