Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Its been a minute, hasn't it? Sorry folks, for keeping you waiting. I've been a little preoccupied for a bit.

:Reads own blog to see where I'd left off:

Ah yes. Holidays! They were wonderful, awkward and delicious; just as they are every year. The kidlets received the gifts they wanted this year- which, as any parent knows, is immensely difficult. The eldest received the ca$h he so badly wanted to use toward purchasing one of the few remaining golf clubs he needs to finish the set. My mommy's boy* [more on that in a minute] received the ultimate bad-ass transformer: devastator! RAWR!!! It's only the coolest transformer ever... its 5 separate transformer that turn into one!! OMG!!! I've only been hearing about this damn transformer since last year. :exhales: Thanks :) And the baby monster got all sorts of toys he has absolutely no interest in. He's mobile now, so he loves to crawl & pull up on whatever he can to walk around. His favorite things to play with are diapers, Tupperware [natch], and the t/v remote when he can get a hold of it. He likes to remove the batteries & then crawl around the living room with them in his fists. And if you should catch him, he crawls as fast as he can away from you. Such a little shyster.

warning: cuteness ahead.

Some recent pics [recent being the last week or so]...

We went to the World of Wheels & saw this car & it just screamed Alex. I insisted he take a picture with it.

Jack jack has discovered the joy of eating fresh fruit! He really loves applesauce, and now that he has four little chicklets!, I've been giving him more 'people' food. I peeled an apple & gave it to him to gnaw on..

... & he was soo excited to have it!

ah... Dylan. He woke me up this morning after a botched attempt at a sleepover [mommy issues- he missed me!]- and told me he wanted to call over there right away. Apparently there was going to be some temporary hair dye action& he was all about being a part of it.

In case you can't see; Dylan's hair & 1/2 blue & 1/2 purple. E-man's is green. AWESOMELY green. This boy has naturally super dark brown hair, so it was a feat for Erin, I'm sure of it- to get it that color.

**Topic Change: Mommy's boy**

But first, a sidebar:

Now, earlier in the school year Dylan came home & told me that the wrestling coaches came in & he was all excited because he got to wrestle a second-grader!! whoa! I know. Dylan + Wrestling= ???? , you ask? Yea, I know. But he was excited. He seemed excited.. and then the excitement started to wain. I tried to get him excited about it.. practice started in the beginning of December. He was just not having it. He tried for a month or so, but sometime between those last practices & after Christmas vacation, he was totally having an issue. I tried a wrestling clinic, to help pique his interest, perhaps learn some skills- but no. We did kids' club night, but his heart wasn't in it. He really wanted to quit. I had him tell coach & the coach tried to talk him out of it. I tried to talk him out of it. Other parents- and some of his friends- tried to talk him out of it, but he remained firm on his decision. He quit wrestling after a month. And yes, I let him. I'm not going to force it upon him, as I would force him to try a new vegetable. I tried, several times, and he did not like it. And that is okay. Maybe in a couple of years he'll be interested in it again, but then again, maybe not.

Dylan is a mommy's boy through and through. He'll freely admit it; whenever I'm not around, he asks whomever he is with- Where's Mom? When is my Mom going to be here? I miss my Mom. When is Mom coming home?

Those last few times at wrestling practice- he was under the impression that Fred or I were going to forget him or leave him at practice. He freaked out one evening [when I happened to be staying for a parent meeting] and was escorted out of the gym in hysterics, crying and saying he missed his mom. And here I am, walking back inside, magazine in hand. I got him to finish the last 10 minutes of practice that day after pleading, consoling, cajoling, and any other method I could think of to get him back in there. No dice. The boy hasn't wrestled since. I did take him to practice once, but that was the day he told coach he wanted out.

So- the sleepover. He's slept at E-man's house several times before, but I had the feeling. You just know- that feeling; I was actually waiting for the call. I knew, shortly after I dropped him off, that I would be getting a phone call: Dylan wants his mom! Awwww!!! And I did... 11pm or so... 'Dylan is crying & says he misses his mom!' No prob- I go out & pick him up- he's only 5 minutes from home & I invited him to sit in the front seat on the ride home. We snuggled on the couch together & fell asleep. We made brownies when I came home from work this evening, too.

I think he's been going through some serious mommy withdrawls since Jack jack has came around. Jack & Dylan are totally different kids at that stage; for example- Jack is totally at ease with his sitters, and Dylan still freaked out that I was leaving him in the care of someone else. Even if its Fredward; Jack could care less & I'm the only one good enough for Dylan. Oh well. I love him dearly, but I do hope it's just a phase! I tried so hard to instill independence, but sometimes I guess they just need mom.

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