Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Dylan casually flipping through the pages of new Playboy over breakfast.

Oooops. :sigh:

Shouldn't have left that out... I was reading the interview with Seth McFarlane last night at dinner & forgot to put it away.

For the boy's first Playboy, he should have had a better introduction. Perhaps he'll forget. And then we can re-introduce Playboy when he's older... and he'll be like, oh yea.. I've seen those. You have a STACK IN YOUR ROOM AS TALL AS I AM.

For the record, he refused to tell me what he saw in there. So I doubt he'll speak of it again.

Don't call the authorities.. you know your kids have done it. And mom... don't tell dad. I don't want to hear about how horrible of a mother I am ... I can hear him now-'Why do you even allow that smut into your house? What is wrong with your husband?', etc., etc.

BTW; the subscription is in my name.

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