Monday, July 20, 2009

"Come over here! Oh no, I'm soo not that way."

said the woman in front of me to her son, who was probably 6 or 7 years of age, as she is dragging him along to get pictures with the Strippers from Silk.

I admit; we took Dylan & Jackjack. Jack slept so he didn't get pictures with the strippers. That would have been interesting. Here, hold the baby- yea, you with the big boobs, and lets see what he does. Never mind that he is still nursing, so he may nuzzle you a bit, perhaps bury his face in your boobies looking for a little somethin' somethin'. No matter! But, it didn't happen. Nope, no family photo with the strippers. Couldn't take a family photo without Alex. Can you imagine if we sent that out for our Christmas card??

I asked Dylan if he wanted to take pictures with them [as the aforementioned woman is getting their picture taken], and he said no. I didn't force him. I just thought it was interesting, you know. There is a line, I guess. For everyone. I don't force them to do things they don't want, unless their health is on the line ["uh, no, you may NOT ride down our two flights of stairs on your skates, I don't want to go to the emergency room today!" or, "Yes, you must eat your vegetables. At least eat your veggies if you won't eat* your meat. It has to be one or the other you eat. You can't get out of not eating both."] Should I have said something? Would it even have been appropriate? Doubt it.

*Speaking of eating, I was recently re-united with a totally fun breakfast song: Ham & Eggs, by Fat J & the Pinners. Freaking awesome!!! If you want the actual recording, instead of video click here.

Lets just say the day ended well.

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